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Business Development/Sales Manager

by | Mar 18, 2022 | Jobs, Vacancies

Business Development/Sales Manager

Reporting to: Sales Director


Primary Purpose of role:

  • To manage all aspects of the Company’s Business Development and Sales related activities
  • To contribute diligently towards the Company’s target and objectives
  • Work closely with internal account staff re onboarding
  • Ensure compatibility in systems and related issues, are dealt with promptly
  • Development of training and activities surrounding marketing, TPI and general customer communications
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Ensure profitable margins are secured in all new contracts

And to meet the spirit and level of performance expressed in the company’s Business Plan, Trust, Transparency and Accountability.



Sales and Business Development

  • Build and maintain relationships with TPI (Third Party Introducers) contacts in the energy sector as well as Property Developers, Property Managing Agents & Landlords.
  • Develop and maintain a General, potential Introducer data base.
  • Promote the general interests of the business of the Company and any Associated Company.
  • Do nothing which is prejudicial or detrimental to the business of the company and any of its client base.
  • Establish and upkeep of a diary and target client data base for planning weekly prospect meetings.
  • Ensure that adequate call/contact frequency is maintained, and respective data is kept up to date.
  • Devote all your available working hours, skill and attention to the performance of your duty.
  • Working with Client Managers ensure requirements for “repeat” annual renewals or future needs are dealt with and discharged correctly and in accordance with company policy.
  • Ensure all customer sales onboarding needs are accurately captured and documented in a timely manner via communication with the Tennant Billing team.
  • Register and escalate any customer or service-related issues in accordance with company policy without unnecessary delay.


Operational Efficiency

  • Ensure prompt/adequate response to Client disputes are reported in line with company procedures and/or contract requirements.
  • Ensure familiarity with the delivery of service, especially in relation to the delivery of “on site” Data Testing services.
  • Ensure full understanding of escalation procedures for incidents at customer’s premises involving onboarding process and /or legislation pertaining at that time.
  • Update your planned business activity schedule every week
  • Ensure levels of cover are correct and in place for holiday and sickness
  • Attend the monthly Operations Meeting.
  • Attend the [biweekly?] Development Meeting via Zoom.
  • Where required to, work closely with Account Management Staff & Onboarding Administration personnel in the recovery of all sales related debt.

Continuous Improvement and Quality 

  • Understand and implement all operational procedures specified within the employment manual staying abreast of all sector related regulatory requirements.



  • Liaise with Account and Financial Management team to ensure margins are maintained and the Heat Network Act 2014 is followed to the letter.


  • Ensure timely completion and submission of required activity reports submitted and maintained.


You will be fully responsible for the following: –

  • The sales targets as set and agreed by the Company are discharged within the normal course of business – this will be in conjunction with the Accounts Team and its respective target.
  • That you adhere to any, and all, HSE and additional site visit regulations.
  • Ensure any energy price uplift alterations are notified to the customer on a timely basis throughout the onboarding process.
  • Deal promptly with any client/customer and TPI complaints ensuring any such issues are notified to the SD.
  • Hold regular development meetings keeping each contact (TPI) abreast of associated market changes, these meetings must be documented.
  • Maintain awareness of all regulatory changes and alterations in Gov issued bulletins and changes with Heat Networks in particular and hardware changes that may impact on all company legal compliance

Additional Areas:

  • Identify potential new TPI customers either via spot visits or internet trawling.
  • Ensure existing company literature is delivered to prospective new customers.
  • Train and assist in the development of sales and purchasing administration staff as and when deemed necessary.
  • Maintain and operate company property in a professional manner reporting any breakages, loses or malfunctions without delay.




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