RTS – What You Need to Know

Are you aware that your electricity meter may soon become obsolete? If your electricity meter relies on the Radio Teleswitch Service (RTS), it will no longer function after March 31, 2024. This may seem far away, but it’s important to be informed on what to expect so you can start preparing. In this blog post, we’ll dive into what RTS is, the reason for the shutdown, and how it will affect you as a consumer.

Firstly, let’s understand what the Radio Teleswitch Service (RTS) is. RTS is a digital signaling technology that allows energy suppliers to remotely turn on and off specific appliances in homes or businesses. This is done during peak times to decrease the demand on the overall electricity network.
The rollout of smart meters has made RTS technology increasingly redundant for energy suppliers. As a result, the service will be disconnected from April 2024. For households or businesses that still rely on RTS meters, this could lead to a hefty bill increase since they may be left on peak time rates.
It’s essential to note that not all electricity meters rely on RTS. Only meters that were installed before 2014 and haven’t been updated since are at risk of ceasing function after the switch-off date. If you’re unsure whether your meter is RTS enabled or not, you can ask your energy supplier for verification.

The good news is that energy companies are required to replace all affected meters before the switch-off date, and it should be free of charge. They will contact you to arrange a convenient time for the replacement, and it’s essential to accept the arrangement to prevent any disruption or unexpected energy bills before or after the shutdown.

Avoid the price hikes – Get smart
It’s worth considering switching to a smart meter, even if your current meter is not RTS enabled. The advantages of smart meters are that they allow you to monitor your energy consumption more closely and provide you with accurate and regular meter readings. They help you to take control of your energy use to make smart decisions about how you consume energy, which can ultimately be beneficial for your pocket.

The discontinuation of the Radio Teleswitch Service will be a significant change for households who rely on it for their electricity meters. It’s vital to remain informed and prepared for the switch-off date to prevent any unexpected bills or disruption. If you’re not sure whether your meter uses RTS, you can either check with your energy supplier or consider upgrading to a smart meter. Ultimately, this switch-off provides an opportunity to make a positive change towards energy efficiency and more significant control of your energy consumption.

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