Why give the money you are raising to someone other than who it is intended for?

Over recent years we have helped multiple charities and not-for-profit making organisations achieve the right price for their energy.

Energycentric and Charities

At Energycentric, we have consultants that specialise in working with charitable and not-for-profit organisations across the UK to reduce their energy costs.

We work very closely with these organisations to fully understand their utility needs and then help them to secure the best possible utility contract, sometimes at a lower cost than they would usually have access to.

We don’t charge advance fees or administration cost to your organisation

Our fees are paid for by the industry and are fully transparent. Energycentric has worked with many charities in recent years including:

  • Charity Shops
  • Community Care
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Education

  • Housing Associations
  • Voluntary Services
  • Mental Health Sector
  • Hospices
  • ACEVO Members
  • Religious Organisations
  • Environmental Organisations
  • Grant Making Trusts

Are you a Charity looking for ways to reduce your energy costs?

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“We are a are a not for profit company providing essential services to the community, we employ approximately 350 staff across our organisation and provide frontline services. We were facing a significant challenge with our utilities across the organisation from pricing, contract lengths and payment terms. Energycentric took control of our portfolio and is working towards aligning all our contracts whilst ensuring we continue to receive the best value for money.

When Energycentric started to group our contracts and manage our utilities there was an immediate result. We saw significant improvements right away and, we have seen a measurable benefit by having Energycentric manage our accounts.”

Robert Edwards, Estates & Buildings Assistant, Foundation.

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When it comes to charities, we are also a Key Corporate Partner of ACEVO – Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations. We have worked with ACEVO for many years to provide a valuable cost cutting service to its members.

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