About us

Experienced experts, providing impartial and bespoke advice to save our clients money

Who we are

Experienced professionals providing expert, impartial and bespoke advice to mitigate the impact of rising energy cost. Launched in 2008 and employing over 25 staff across our offices in London & Exeter, we are a leading utility consultancy company in the UK dedicated to providing customised utility services for businesses.

With bespoke in- house systems, processes and excellent relationships with clients and suppliers alike, we create bespoke buying strategies, specific business energy solutions, as well as assist in reducing the businesses environmental impact. We believe in providing continuous training for our staff, as well as investing in the constant development of our systems

What we do

At Energycentric we understand the complex nature and pressures of running a business. Finding the time to manage running costs and ensuring these are kept to a minimum, can be time consuming and challenging.

Utility bills can make up a large proportion of running costs, and as the UK energy market grows, the range of different prices, products, bills and contracts, available from energy suppliers have become more complex and difficult to understand.

Our goal is to become your energy department, so you can be assured that your business utility needs are managed by experts.

We achieve this by providing impartial and bespoke procurement advice, dedicated account and portfolio management, alongside extensive bill validation and efficient query management, so that our clients are never over charged.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses in the UK manage their utility costs optimally, reducing energy consumption for cost reduction, supporting the move toward carbon neutrality, and ensuring compliance by facilitating the energy reporting process. We do this by offering a wide range of business utility services, including Procurement, Portfolio Management, Bureau services, Metering solutions, Water services, and Energy invoicing solutions. Utilities are crucial to every business operation regardless of size and represent a large part of all business’s expenditures, impacting directly on profitability and sustainability.

We pride ourselves on having established a long-standing history of delivering outstanding services that are channelled towards our clients’ needs and satisfaction