Below is our guide to finding the right contract for you

Contract Guidance


Which contract is right for me?

As the energy market becomes increasingly challenging, businesses need to manage their costs effectively. Through our expertise, we will identify the best procurement strategy, so that business owners and managers can focus on running their business efficiently.

We work hand in hand with our clients to understand their business’s objectives and identify risk tolerance levels to recommend the most suitable contract type for the business.

Fully Fixed Contracts

If price certainty is crucial for your business, then a Fixed contract may be the best option.

Key Benefits:

Budget certainty – You know what your energy costs will be across your portfolio and can plan for them.

Fixed prices – Fix your contract for up to five years to aid future planning.

Price stability – Secure your rates for peace of mind and reduced risk

Flexible Contracts

For larger consumers, flexible contracts allow you to manage the risk of unpredictable market prices.

Key Benefits:

Control of buying patterns – Which can be adapted to reflect your business strategy and performance.

Manage risk – Take advantage of market movements and changing conditions.

Flexibility – Up to five years to let you decide when to fix/unfix your energy.

Energy type

Companies of all sizes are looking at ways they can cut carbon emissions, reduce their environmental impact and become more sustainable. Once you have decided which contract type suits your business objectives, you can then choose an electricity or gas source to support your carbon and environmental credentials.

Standard Energy

Also referred to as “brown energy” that comes from conventional fossil fuels, such as oil or coal. The combustion from these fuels releases harmful emissions into the environment.


Renewable or “green” energy comes from clean sources that are more sustainable and are better for the environment. Our team can guide you through the varying types of renewable contracts available.