Members of ACEVO can benefit from reduced costs by joining the ACEVO Utilities Scheme

Who can benefit?

The ACEVO Utilities Scheme has been specifically designed so that it can be used by all organisations that are members of ACEVO, regardless of size. Not only is this particularly beneficial to smaller third sector organisations that will benefit from the pooling of resource, but larger organisations can enjoy similar benefits normally reserved for corporate private sector companies.

ACEVO members retain complete independence and have arrangements in place completely bespoke to their needs, whilst benefiting from the group procurement strategy and services provided .

Member benefits

Reduced Price Group Contracts

100% Renewable Electricity

Sustainable Metering

EV & Solar options

Dedicated Account Manager

All your invoices validated

Online portal access

Multi-site portfolio management

Gas, Electric & Water Contracts

Metering Management Advice

“Due to shrinking budgets, political changes, and a turbulent economy, charities are facing additional financial pressure. As the economy has become more uncertain, operating costs have increased, and demand for services have increased too. ACEVO’s utility scheme is an important way for our member charities to collaborate by using their collective buying power.

Energycentric provides our members with a host of benefits and services including competitive group utility rates and 100% renewable energy, as well as advising members on how to further their organisation’s sustainability goals.”

Jane Ide OBE


strategic partner

Energycentric has been an ACEVO strategic partner for many years providing utility management and procurement advice to its members, through the ACEVO Utilities Scheme. We have helped many third sector clients achieve thousands of pounds of savings on their gas, electricity & water contracts.

In these difficult financial and economic times, we have been able to secure fully fixed 100% green electricity at no additional unit price cost, providing budget certainty in line with environmental and sustainability policy.

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