The Horticultural Trades Association – The trade association for the UK garden industry

Who can benefit?

We have proudly been in partnership with the HTA for over 5 years and help their members to cut energy and water costs as well as manage these utilities in a sustainable way.

The scheme has been developed to help HTA members reduce their energy and water costs whilst being able to manage their utilities in a sustainable way.

As part of the HTA, you will benefit from competitive prices, mitigate utility overcharging. Benefits include:

Group procurement strategy with sustainable options

Electronic paperless billing and flexible payment options

Bespoke metering solutions including AMR installation

Utility management and efficiency advice

Tailored and cost effective sustainability packages

Discounted ‘results driven’ cost recovery service

In a world where people are more aware of their environmental impact and want to reduce their carbon footprint, we have proudly partnered with Good Energy due to their impeccable green credentials and their appetite to work with the HTA membership.

To find out how your organisation can benefit then contact us.

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